As a late teenager, I still don’t have everything figured out, and I doubt I ever will. Life will still be a great big mystery to me 10 years from now, except I probably won’t be so bothered by it any more. I’ll be swept up in the fast track of life, and forget everything in my past. Perhaps that’s what worries me most, that or maybe I’ll miss the on-ramp all together and end up missing out. But what can I do, aside fromĀ fulfill my own prophecy? hmm… I could wait, like I always do, I could storm in. which usually gets me in to trouble, or I can make my own way… It seems like I’m over thinking this and should just rush in, but the doubt I have inside keeps stopping me in my tracks. Someday…. why can’t someday be today?? I’ll figure out how to fix this soon.

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